Irony can be pretty ironic some times…

I’ve been occasionally reading this blog for a little while, and it’s not too bad. I first discovered her through a comment she left here at Wizbang, and she has some interesting things to say. That won’t prevent me from giving her a little friendly tweaking, however.

In this post, Omni discusses the importance of feedback in developing social skills and learning how to get along with other people. It hit pretty close to home for me — I saw a lot of myself in the discussion.

But I also noticed that in her discussion of the value of feedback and learning how others respond to you, Omni was doing just the exact opposite.

She doesn’t have comments enabled on her blog, she has no “contact me” button, no e-mail listed, nothing. There doesn’t appear to be a single way for a reader to give her the feedback she so rightly points out is so important.

In fact, if she doesn’t notice the links I’ve put above and doesn’t read Wizbang regularly enough, she won’t even see this. And for some reason, I find that amusing.


Update: Please, folks, note I used the term “friendly” above! This wasn’t intended as a slam on Omni (whose site I like), but more along the lines of a mild bit of friendly ribbing and affectionate teasing. Take it down a little, will ya? If you’re looking for blogs that are just begging to be abused, I can cheerfully point you in a certain direction or two…

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