Why Not Just Get a Macintosh?

[After the last 2 weeks, I’ve learned it’s going to happen anyway, you may as well enjoy the ride.]

Network Too Full of Spies

Fed up over problems stemming from viruses and spyware, more computer users are giving up or curbing their use of the Internet.

Stephen Seemayer had the first Pong video game system on his block. A decade later, the Echo Park artist was the first of his neighbors to get a personal computer. And in 1996, he was so inspired by the World Wide Web that he created a series of small paintings for viewing over the Internet.Now the 50-year-old Seemayer is once again on the cutting edge: Sick of spam clogging his inbox and spyware and viruses crashing his system, Seemayer yanked out his high-speed connection.

“I’m not going to pay for something that I can’t use,” he said.

A small but growing number of frustrated computer owners are coming to the same conclusion. They’re giving up or cutting back their use of the Internet, especially at home, where no corporate tech support team will ride to their rescue.

Instead of making life easier the essential promise of technologies since the steam engine the home PC of late has made users feel stupid, endangered or just hassled beyond reason.

Seemayer’s machine, for instance, got so jammed with spam that he stopped checking e-mail. When surfing the Web, pop-up ads from a piece of spyware he couldn’t wipe out spewed sexually explicit images and used so much computing power that the PC would just stop. …

But 2004 “was a real turning point in a bad direction,” said technology analyst Ted Schadler of Forrester Research. “People are getting really angry. They’re angry at Dell and Microsoft and their cable providers, and that’s appropriate. They should be.

Of course they should be. Microsoft sucks. Gates announced his “trustworthy computing” (isn’t that what he called it) something like 3 or 4 years ago and Windows sucks now more than it ever did. These people should just get a Macintosh and be free of that spyware grief. Mac users don’t have all those things trying to invade their computers and steal their on-line banking passwords and such.

Besides, with Windows you get technology that is 5 years old anyway. Hey, you wanna see a REAL computer? Check this out….


See that little computer on the right? That son is innovation. That’s the cheapest Macintosh they make- but don’t let that fool you.

It takes up less desk space than a hardback book, it’s whisper quiet and is so advanced, it comes STANDARD with the ability to edit HDTV video — not that 1950’s regular TV crap — we’re talking state of the art 1080 lines of HDTV goodness. (Your computer can do that right?) And you don’t have to add any input boards or go buy some expensive software you don’t understand anyway… It’s all ready for you and works automagically. (plus it does a whole lot more)

Get the model with the DVD writer and you have everything you need to make HDTV DVDs in your own home. (While sitting in your pajamas.) OH and did I mention how much it cost? That would be $499. You wanna compare that to a Dell? Son, Dell don’t make a box that comes as equipped as the cheapest Mac they make today. Don’t make your momma slap you boy.

Instead of cursing that old raggedy Windows box you got, why not admit all your friends are idiots and buy a Macintosh? Then when they get infested with the newest spyware you can call them ask… “Why didn’t you get a Macintosh?”

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All jokes aside- If you edit video, linear or nonlinear, follow that “automagically ” link.- Cool beans.

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