Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

Last weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ had a little bit of everything. Of course, once again I got distracted in judging the contest, but this week I had a good excuse. Wizbang was down pretty much all of Sunday evening. That weekend experience just sucked all the life out of me…

The painful memories of the weekend past are now a distant afterthought, hence it’s time to unveil the winning captions for this picture:

Bill Gates , chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corp., laughs as he plays an Xbox car racing game against talk show host Conan O'Brian at the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 5, 2005. Underscoring the importance of choice and flexibility in bringing the digital lifestyle into the mainstream, Gates showcased innovations in digital music, photos, television and movies, gaming and communications. REUTERS/Jeff Christensen

1) (Laurence Simon) – “Spongebill Dorkpants? You’re so dead, Ballmer.

2) (jmaster) – “Bill Gates introduces Microsoft’s answer to the IPOD.

Its called a WINTARD, or a Windows Transistor AM Radio Device. It’s a great new technology. You’ll no longer need to download songs from the web. The WINTARD receives them wirelessly! And instead of 99 cents, the songs are free! Before it gets out of beta, we think we can get it operating on batteries, so we can ditch this power cord. Listen: It’s the Beatles! These guys are going to be big!”

3) (Golfer) – “Bill Gates has an intimate moment with his wife.

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Honorable Mention

4) (Cybrludite) – “No, Mr. Jobs… I expect you to DIE!

5) (spacemonkey) – “During a demonstration of the latest in the GeekWare line of MS products, Gates is seen ‘accidentally’ setting the VirtualDate to the ‘homerun’ setting.

6) (Teflon93) – “C’mon, dance, Greenspan—DANCE!

Until next Friday later today…

Update: Teflon93 would have won had he changed “Greenspan” to “Ballmer.” The Dance Monkeyboy video is all the explanation you need to see why that would have been a winner.

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