Sometimes you gotta say, "What the puck?"

I’ve never been much of a sports fan, but I like to think I have at least a passing acquaintance with the general principles of all the major sports. Every now and then, though, that presumption gets a challenge, and this morning it happened again.

The local radio station was giving a report on the local minor league hockey team, and gave their record. And I was confused.

Now, I can understand the basics. If a team has a record of 17-4, I know that means the team has won 17 games and lost 4 of the current season. And I extrapolated that a 26-21-5 record meant they had won 26, lost 21, and tied 5 times in a sport where a tie was an acceptable outcome.

But the Manchester Monarchs had FOUR number listed — I think it was 26-21-4-3. What the HELL does that fourth number mean?

Someone once tried explaining it to me, something about “games won in overtime” or some such thing. I didn’t like it, so I started working on my own theories on what that fourth number stands for.

1) Number of games this season that ended in an official being abducted by aliens

2) Average number of fish/mollusks thrown on the ice per game

3) Number of games since a major brawl

4) Average number of stitches required after each game

OK, those are my theories. It’s your turn now.


Weekend Caption Contest™


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