Mini Bloggage II

Mini Bloggage n Bigger than a linkfest but smaller than a full blog post.

– A while back I put up a post about the latest jobs numbers and Murdoc of noticed that the BLS’ own numbers did not jive. He asked me why and I burned about 40 minutes to no avail. He contacted BLS and they gave him the answer. The short version is that they revise the jobs numbers a year after they come out so we really won’t know Bush’s true jobs numbers for another year. But there is more to the story if you are into this kind of thing. Check it out.

– You might need a playbook for this one… James Lindgren, posting at Volokh, quotes Glenn Reynolds who is discussing a column by Howard Fineman. (got that?) The topic is partisanship in the MSM. Lindgren comes up with a headline worth linking, Fairness is not a special sauce that you pour over a story while you are editing it for broadcast. I tend to agree chapter and verse with Glenn on this one. But I’ll add this to the mix: I wish we have a truly partisan media… Or should I say an admittedly partisan media. CBS should just come out tomorrow and say “We’re lackeys for the DNC” at least then you would know where they stood. When you listen to Rush Limbaugh there is no question where he personally stands on an issue. If some of the rest of the media would just admit they were liberal I’d be OK with it… Heck I might even watch more. At least they’d regain some credibility. [Ed- I thought this was MINI bloggage? – Shut up I was making a point.]

– I was surprised to learn, that many prominent bloggers were surprised to learn, that you can’t trust Sitemeter… Or any other web traffic statistic. James Joyner has more. Apparently people are now checking sitemeter vs local (server) stats and finding discrepancies as high as 50%. I was only slightly surprised the number was that high. We [still] have no reliable methodology to figure out how many people read websites. I’ll add (in defense of sitemeter) that one of the values of sitemeter that has not been discussed is that (in theory) it is an independent 3rd party that everyone aggress on. Considering that (again in theory) all of its warts apply to all users equally then it is a valid metric for comparison. The problem with that argument is that I’ve found sitemeter to be somewhat random.

– It’s a few days old now but David Limbaugh has a proposal for an enterprising blogger. It will take a while for the pay-off but the payoff could be big in about 36 months. (if you do it right) [Update: Check the trackback below for free hosting if you need it.]

– Have I ever mentioned I like Clint Eastwood?

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