Cheerleaders Make Surprise Appearance On Porn Site

A local high school’s cheerleading squad have been getting some unwanted attention – from porn sites. Todays Washington Post (registration required) highlights

The photos were supposed to stay just between friends.

There was the one of the girls in their Thomas S. Wootton High School varsity cheerleading uniforms during practice. There was a shot of the whole squad. And then there were the pictures of some of the girls pretending to kiss and striking provocative poses — and that’s what got them into trouble.

Parents and students at the Rockville high school were horrified when the dozen or so photos popped up on a pornographic Web site in November, endangering the squad’s chances of participating in an annual competition and raising questions about privacy and propriety.

Several of the cheerleaders had been taking photos of the squad along with personal pictures throughout the school year and posting them on the online photo-sharing site, parents and school officials said. The pictures were intended for their friends and other girls on the squad but were publicly accessible, along with more than 134 million others posted by the site’s users.At least two of the Webshots albums are still up (here and here). They’re hardly racy, but if you hunt around you can find a couple of pictures that match the description in the article.

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