Ah, La Musica De Los B-52's

Few of you likely remember the short lived ABC late night show Friday’s (notable for a famous Andy Kaufman stunt and the debut of some future Seinfeld stars), but they had one occasional bit with a Spanish radio announcer that was mildly amusing. The DJ would be coming out of a mariachi record, then announce, “Ah la musica, la musica de los B-52’s.” The roster of bands mentioned was always impressive (Devo, Duran Duran, etc) but the records were always the kind of mariachi music you’d expect to hear in a Tijuana restaurant.

This bit of depressing news – Legendary Modern Rocker WHFS Flips To Spanish, brings that bit to mind. In this case Infinity beat Clear Channel to the punch, as they have indicated that many of their rock stations in top markets may be flipped to Spanish programming. Clear Channel’s legendary DC101 was rumored to be on the way to meeting the same fate as another famous rock station, KLOL in Houston.

Visit WHFS.COM and you’ll see it’s no joke.

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