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This is just too funny. The whole thing started when Mapes went cruising the lefty moonbat sites and gets suckered.

From page 59:

On Monday, August 23, Mapes learned that Lieutenant Colonel Burkett was rumored to have important documents regarding the President’s TexANG service. Paul Lukasiak, who operates a website on which he posts disparaging analyses of President Bush’s TexANG service, told Mapes that another blogger, Linda Starr, had seen new TexANG documents regarding President Bush. Starr hosts a website that recently contained the slogan, “Bush lied, Americans died,” and is the editor of Online Journal, an online newsletter often critical of President Bush.

Mapes contacted Starr, who responded that she believed that Lieutenant Colonel Burkett had a two-page, classified document regarding President Bush’s TexANG service, and Starr speculated that it might be a disciplinary report. This disciplinary report was thought to relate to an assessment of whether Lieutenant Bush was fit to fly jets armed with nuclear weapons. Starr 60 told Mapes that Lieutenant Colonel Burkett was trying to determine the best way to disseminate the information to journalists “without leaving any fingerprints.”

Many people had speculated that Paul Lukasiak was involved. His name came up again and again. Ironically, if you go to his website he declares himself part of the “Reality Based Community.” Liberals really are “ironically challenged” huh?

Linda Starr is another well known nut case. Who BTW was shilling the now discredited Professor Hailey report.
(end 12:57 entry)

On page 33, we learned why it took them so long.

The primary reason is that the investigation needed to be much broader than initially anticipated. The Panel believed at the outset that its investigation would focus primarily on the Killian documents. While the Killian documents were, indeed, important to the investigation, it also became clear relatively early in the Panel?s work that the problems affecting the Segment and its Aftermath involved much more than the Killian documents. The Panel and its counsel devoted essentially full time to this endeavor since September 22 and completed the Report in as thorough and expeditious a manner as possible.

Still, it took CBS 5 more days to release it.
(end 3:25pm update)

On The Trail Of The Forger - Part III
Panel Found Dan Rather Lied


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