George Bush – Plus Jobs

With today’s release of the December jobs figures, it becomes official that George Bush has hit the “Plus Jobs” mark for his first term as President. The economy created 157,000 jobs in December.

When George Bush took office in Jan 2001 the BLS listed total employment (Total nonfarm payroll employment – seasonally adjusted) at 132.167 million jobs and today that number stands at 132.266 million jobs, making Bush “Plus Job” in his first term, with one month to go.

Mind you, the whole thing was a farce.

At the onset of the 2004 campaign, Kerry and the Democrats tried running against what they gleefully called “The Bush Economy.” I said repeatedly that it was a dumb move. (funny they didn’t listen.) They kept hammering the “Bush Economy” until numbers like this started showing up. Is it any wonder about the third quarter of last year they needed a new hook? Suddenly the term “Bush Economy” never got mentioned again.

That’s when some clever Democrat noticed that after 9/11 and the internet bubble burst we lost a lot of jobs that we had not made back yet. A statistical quirk that would make great fodder for the campaign… or so they thought. That is when Democrats came up with the “First President to lose jobs since Herbert Hoover” line.

Ultimately the line failed. Why? Because at the end of the day, despite the Democrats trying to paint an unflattering picture of the economy, voters knew inherently that we were in good shape. Any honest and qualified economist will tell you that we have been plus jobs for a year or longer. Today’s numbers are in fact, deeply flawed but they are the ones the Democrats used. It didn’t take a long explanation of how the numbers were flawed for the American voters to know it, they could feel it. Sure the gullible believed it but they are just that.. Gullible. Those people weren’t going to vote Republican anyway.

It shouldn’t matter because it was a trumped up campaign line, based on flawed data anyway, but for the record, even using the payroll survey, George Bush is plus jobs – sorry liberals.

December Hiring Helps Fuel Job Growth

WASHINGTON (AP) – U.S. employers added 157,000 workers overall to their payrolls in December, bringing the year-end total of new jobs to 2.2 million, the best showing in five years. The unemployment rate held steady at 5.4 percent.

The Labor Department reported Friday that the 2.2 million new jobs created in 2004 were the most in any year since 1999, when employers added 3.2 million positions, based on a government survey of businesses.

Now I’d like to see a post from a liberal blogger that tax cuts don’t fuel job growth.

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