American Grandstand

The other day that Markos Zuniga (Daily Kos) scolded his own minions, and in effect to the to “shut the hell up” about Kerry winning Ohio. It was, IMHO, a rare moment of clarity.

Us liberal bloggers like to brag that we live in the “reality-based community”. It’s kind of hard to be reality-based when people are claiming that Kerry won with no hard evidence to the contrary. Was there fraud? Sure. There always has been. Was the GOP ready to steal the election if necessary? No doubt. But they didn’t have to steal this one. This wasn’t 2000. Bush rode his fucked up war to victory, whether we like it or not. History will judge us right, but until then, we’re stuck with the results.

Now, I was open minded at first, letting the fraudsters do the analysis, ready to pounce if the smoking gun was found. But after myriad diaries crying wolf, claiming that this was the evidence to seal the deal, well, it got old. Then it got counterproductive, then it got embarrassing.Yesterday Markos Hunter (posted on the main page) changed course at Daily Kos, even though Zuniga still hasn’t changed his position of the loonieness of the conspiracy theories. Kos decides to go squishy and claim to be “agnostic” on the issue.

After giving this much thought, I am signing on to the notion that indeed, Democratic Representatives and Senators should contest the Ohio electors tomorrow. That was not my opinion a week ago, but it is now. I’ve changed my mind not because new evidence has been presented, or new arguments have arisen, but because, in the climate of today, right now, this moment, I believe that Congress is in a tactical position to make a difference.

I do not believe any evidence exists to claim that Kerry definitively received more votes in Ohio than Bush, and I believe the oft-cited exit poll evidence, in particular, is weak. But this election needs to be contested on more fundamental grounds; as an objection to the behavior of partisan election officials, unwilling to take seriously the sacred nature of their duties.Ah, contest the Ohio electors as a form of political grandstanding. Good luck with that. I’m sure the voting public will be quick to forgive and forget that Democrats couldn’t concede an election they clearly lost by invoking a maneuver they could not even bring themselves to use in 2000…

Congress meets today in joint session to approve the electoral votes from the 2004 presidential election. In order to mount a challenge to the Ohio electors Representative John Conyers, who’s already indicated he will challenge, needs to get one Senator to challenge as well. Word is California Senator Barbara Boxer is close to becoming that necessary one Senator. Beached whale Michael Moore is urging Senators to take a harpoon for the conspiracy totting Deaniac of the world, and Keith Olbermann, even on his sick bed, is ready to hunker down at MSNBC headquarters for round-the-clock coverage. I can’t wait… I smell a PR fiasco of epic proportions…

Oh by the way, there is an election that is still in doubt where this kind of scrutiny could help, but it’s not the presidential election. Actually there’s two elections that fit that bill

Update: The challenge has begun. You can watch the prescribed 2 hour debate at CSPAN.

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