Is It Too Much To Ask?

That when I get interviewed for a major publication, like say Monday’s edition of the Wall Street Journal, that they actually get the name of the domain right?

Video Blogs Break Out With Tsunami Scenes
By *ANTONIO REGALADO* and *JESSICA MINTZ* *Staff Reporters of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL* January 3, 2005; Page B1

Kevin Aylward, who runs, says blogs fulfilled an important role in letting people experience the tragedy. “When you see it, and you see how it’s happening to just ordinary people, it brings home the enormity of it. That is the fascination with the videos.”

That’s twice in two months, previously the USA Today mangled my domain name in the print edition and later fixed it in the online version.

It does bring up an interesting point – the domain names of and are clearly taken by a cybersquatter. I’ve asserted a copyright to the name Wizbang and have applied for a trademark for the name Wizbang. Why? To make sure I own what I created, and to make sure I’ve got my legal ducks in a row when I go after those who are unjustly trading off the Wizbang name.

If you’re an IP attorney who wants to help a blogger get control of his “brand” drop me a line…

Update: The print edition of the Journal has the correct URL. Only the online edition had the URL error which has been fixed. My thanks to the WSJ for getting it right in print and making it right online!

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