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Stunning tsunami video from Aceh, Indonesia. Watch The Video (AP Story)


Filmed by Bavarian tourists who were at Patong Beach in Thailand filming from a balcony as 3 waves coming in. The dramatic part of the video is that there is a woman walking on the street prior to the surge of the incoming waves. Download (16 MB) . Right click “Save As” to save the video to your computer.

That’s a tsunami (tidal wave) hitting the beach on Thailand’s Phuket Island. Video.


Wes Roth sends a link to a Norwegian site that features an incredible 12MB amateur video of the tsunami hitting a seaside restaurant. That page is under heavy load, so you’re better off getting the video via this Direct Video Link. Right click “Save As” to save the video to your computer.


Simply the most amazing video of the tsunami I’ve yet seen (11MB AVI). It’s a miracle the cameraman (or woman) is alive. Filmed in Koh Lanta, Thailand

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Reuters Videos

Police CCTV Video Of Tsunami Hitting Thai Tourist Beach (Phuket)

Hitting Thailand’s Phuket Island

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