I love being effective

Well, the lefty blogs finally caught up to my post “A Partisan Tsunami?”.

In it, I compare the coverage of the tsunami on left and right blogs. I must have touched a few nerves by outing them and the libs have gone mad. I’ve been called “The Worst of the Worst.” And some guy stated publicly that ““Kevin Aylward Should Be Ashamed” even though it was me who wrote it. The comments lit up with outraged liberals…

As usual, the left is blind to irony.

Unless you have been living in a cave, you have seen the liberals bashing Bush because he did not interrupt his vacation to speak publicly about the tsunami. The Washington Post called him “insensitive” and the NY TImes said he projected an image of someone who “did not care.”

Lefty bloggers all over the blogosphere have bashed him for not caring. (and those links only took about 3 minutes)

So (as usual) it is OK for people on the left to charge Bush with not caring, but if someone on the right actually produces empirical evidence that might suggest something else, they are vilified for making a partisan point. (which BTW was far less caustic that what the left has been spewing.)

My critics are hopelessly hypocritical. If Bush can be bashed for not speaking about the tsunami- so too can people on the left. Goose and Gander you know…

But I love it when that many liberals feign righteous indignation… It usually shows I’ve been effective.

P.S. Before you guys go mad again, unless you are willing to ALSO rebuke the people on your side bashing Bush for not speaking about the Tsunami soon enough, you will look like total partisan hacks… but feel free. Ditto, the “he’s making this political” charge… Condemn your pals on the left and I’ll take you more serious… till then you’re a hypocrite.

P.P.S. Please note my point is, was and shall always be about the disparity of blog overage. NOT GEORGE BUSH. My initial post did not mention Bush (other than Kevin Drum calling him a criminal) and I only mentioned him this time because the same people who are getting bent out of shape when their compassion is questioned have no problem questioning someone else’s. (ie Bush) I am in no way equated the importance of Bush and the blogosphere- that’s just silly. If you read the mountain of comments it will be more clear.

I’d like to hear one of you whining lefties give me a reason for the disparity of coverage instead of calling names… Anyone?

UPDATE: at the bottom.

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Update: You know I learned something interesting this week. I have, from time to time, referred to “lefty loons” “lefty moonbats” and sometimes made the case that a large number of folks on the left are just delusional. (following the trackbacks on this post will give you one such example)

But by and large, I’ve never had the lefties attack… But MAN call them “compassion challenged” and you will get it with both barrels. (well- if liberals owned guns) And I think I know why…

The core of liberalism, and the font from which they draw power, is that they care more than anyone else. They care more about the poor, the elderly, the weak etc etc etc…

It is as if their compassion -or their perceived compassion- is the curtain that hides the great and powerful Wizard of Oz. If people (voters) realize that the liberals don’t give a shit about them — that they are pawns in a political game– the curtain will be drawn back and they will be exposed.

For that reason when they are challenged on their compassion they go postal. Whatever happens they don’t want people to see behind the curtain.

(That will generate some heat, mostly because they want to close the curtain.)

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