A quaint and curious custom

For years in Boston, the city has done a crappy job about getting snow out of the streets. To deal with this chronic negligence, residents have adopted a tradition to deal with this. They shovel out a parking space for themselves, then “claim” it with trash cans, traffic cones, chairs of various types, and in at least one case an old toilet. And woe betide the trespasser who encroaches upon a claimed parking space; reports of slashed tires and smashed windows are common.

Not this year, though. Wednesday Boston’s mayor ordered city garbage trucks to go around and collect all the claims markers and toss ’em away. Mayor Menino says that from now on, residents can “claim” their space for a maximum of 48 hours after the storm; after that, it’s fair game.

Boston residents, as might be expected, are up in arms with the Mayor. They feel that they earned that space through their own sweat and toil, and they’ll be damned if anyone will take it back. The city hauled off 27 tons of “markers,” and many defiant residents put out fresh ones right after the trucks turned the corner.

Apparently it’s never occurred to anyone down there to simply get the city to get rid of the snow, as they do in most other cities. Until they do, however, I’m gonna sit back up here in warm, cozy Cow Hampshire and enjoy yet another laugh at the Massholes’ expense.


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