Kevin and I have been working behind the scenes trying to create an infrastructure to support these massive video downloads when we have big news stories. Before we were really ready for it, we got a trial by fire… Or a trial my Tsunami.

We worked fast over the last 2 days to try finish the infrastructure to mirror all the amazing video we could find. What resulted was a Tsunami of traffic.

In less than 12 hours we transferred what, when the final numbers come in, will be over a half a terabyte of video. (500GB for you math impaired 😉 — Needless to say, we didn’t expect that.

One of the key things we wanted to do with our mirrors was to get them off Hosting Matters. HM has been GREAT to the blogosphere and that is especially true of Wizbang. That’s part of the problem. So many blogs are on HM that when they get nailed, half the blogosphere goes with them. We didn’t want out mirrors taking down half the blogosphere.

Our new host handled the load well. They did disable us because all the load was hitting a single server, but it looks like the network held up. They are working on setting up a new server just for us.

The problem is we owe them an arm, a leg and a newborn or two. We’re not holding out the tip jar just yet– that’s not what this post is about. Just letting you guys know that until we get a minor technological issue resolved and figure out the dollars behind it, the links to the video will be down for a while. We are making every effort to get them back up.

BTW- My new hosting company (so far) has been great. When all this settles down, I’ll make a post saying how fantastic they are…. um, I hope. 😉

Thanks guys

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