Found On Phi Phi Island, Thailand

I was asked to host some photos taken from a camera (and bag) found by survivors of the tsunami in Thailand. The women in the pictures below presumably are the owners of the camera and bag it came from. Here’s the message I received, explaining the circumstances:

My friend was caught in the tidal wave while sunbathing on Phi Phi Island in Thailand on Sunday. She and her dad survived and are back in the States in good shape. However after the water receded she found a bag with a camera in it and was able to take some photos of the devastation.

My concern is posting these photos of the young ladies prior to the tsunami who probably own the camera so that concerned people might know the last location of these women in the pictures. I sure would be great to be able to return the camera to the owner.

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Click the images to view the 640×480 version of the photos.

If you know these women, their families, or their fate, please direct them here and send me an e-mail so I can arrange for the return of their belongings. Hopefully their is a happy ending to this story…

Update: Due to the volume of traffic Wizbang receives the conversation in the comment section has wandered off topic. This post is not the sum total of Wizbang’s tsunami coverage, it’s merely an attempt to find a few of the thousands of missing persons. If you want to see Wizbang’s tsunami video coverage, click here.

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