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Since we know that the atmosphere has become contaminated by all the atomic testing, space stuff, electronic stuff, earth pollutants, etc., is it logical to wonder if:

Perhaps the “bones” of our earth where this earthquake spawned have also been affected?

You know, we’ve exploded many millions of tons of ordinance upon this poor planet. All that “shock and awe” stuff we’ve just dumped onto the Asian part of this earth [Iraq is in Asia? ed] — could we have fractured something? Perhaps the earth was just reacting to something that man has done to injure it. The earth is organic, you know. It can be hurt. #


And I started to bold part of this one but I couldn’t decide which parts so I’ll bold it all….

All of the injuries done to our planet are interrelated, see this Reuters report linking pollution, tsunami’s, and global warming. Those Right-wing Republican religious nuts with three or four children in an SUV are killing people daily. All of the pollution eventually sinks into the ground, & rots away the “bones” holding our planet together, and causes earthquakes.

They are happening after Xmas, when the pollution from the fever of driving around in SUV’s to buy presents and burning extra energy in Xmas displays for crass commercial (Republican) propaganda is at its worst. See this article about the December 26, 2003 Bam earthquake. The Sumatra earthquake that happened December 26, 2004 is related to the tsunami and must be related to destroying the earth.

None of this would have happened if Al Gore had been elected in 2000, as the USA would have implemented the Kyoto Treaty.

That one might be my favorite.

And then there’s the thread where many DU’ers think Bush should be impeached because he is in Texas.

or this:

Are the Corporations going to steal the Tsunami aid? Ever heard of “Oil for Food?” Didn’t think so.

And you’ll be glad to hear this

Of course the answer is “Why would America disrupt its own CORPORATE investment in those countries who’ve been hit hard?” — Can you say whack job? Sure you can.

Get out the tin foil hats:

Earthquake: Coincidence or a Corporate Oil Tragedy?

Now I dont claim to be an expert on seismic activity, but there has been a series of events which led up to the 9.0 earthquake of the coast of Indonesia which can not be ignored. This all could be an enormous coincidence, but one must look at the information and choose for themselves whether there is anything to it.

On November 28th, one month ago, Reuters reported that during a 3 day span 169 whales and dolphins beached themselves in Tasmania, an island of the southern coast of mainland Australia. The cause for these beachings is not known, but Bob Brown, a senator in the Australian parliament, said “sound bombing” or seismic tests of ocean floors to test for oil and gas had been carried out near the sites of the Tasmanian beachings recently. …

A great deal of interest and seismic testing has been taking place in this area, as the government of Australia has given great tax breaks to encourage the oil exploration.

Still got that tin-foil hat? Good you’ll need it:
A majority of quakes could be manmade

What planet do these people live on:
Dead bodies in natural disasters do not pose a health risk

Or this

No Suprise Here: US Making money off of Tsunami Tragedy Apparently the U.S. charges for passport photos and that is a horrible thing… go figure.

And from the “Not understanding Physics” department,
“Mangroves can act as a shield against tsunami” 150 foot high walls of water moving at over half the speed of sound will bow to the simple mangrove plant. Sheesh!

Melting Ice-Caps Should Create World-Wide Earthquakes

LOL This thread got locked! If you think a 9.0 quake was human-induced, you are a dumbass. Not Surprising.

There are many, many more… Including multiple threads about “lumber being found on Mars”… But my brain is starting to hurt.

Satellite Imagery
Merchant of Death


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