A Partisan Tsunami?

After the beheading of Nick Berg, I found the partisan response of the blogosphere to a beheading quite interesting. Long story short, conservative blogs were all over the story, liberals not so much…

Fast-forward to the Tsunami– a story that should be nearly devoid of partisan bias. I decided to check the same blogs…

The Lefty Blogs
Crooked Timber has exactly one post of just 4 lines on the Tsunami itself and a follow-up post about red cross donations.

Over at Washington Monthly there was one post from a guest poster. Kevin Drum was apparently too busy to mention 60,000 or so people dead but he did find time to call George Bush a criminal and post about the fact that the label in his new shirt doesn’t itch him. Nothing like priorities in life.

Matthew Yglesias, to his credit, has 3 posts.

Josh Marshall? That would be one post.

Atrios had a single post where he called it “Horrible” and said he had nothing to add. But he did find time later to blame the U.S for being stingy

Daily Kos has 2 posts, neither from Kos. I can’t help but wonder what he’d say about these victims.

MYDD – the new big dog in the liberal half of the blogosphere- could not be bothered to even mention 60,000 people dead.

The Righty Blogs
LGF has 5 posts that I saw and I might have missed some.

Michele at A Small Victory, is all over it, dozens of posts if you count CP, many for charitable donations.

Outsidethebeltway has 3 posts on the topic.

Glenn Reynolds has 10 posts (that I saw) up with multiple updates/links.

(Vodkapundit is on a hiatus of some sort, so subbing for Steven Green will be Steven Taylor)

Steven Taylor is at 3 posts and a cool map.

Wizbang is at 9 and counting.

AND what the heck, since I got both sides, I’ll get Joe over at “The Moderate Voice.” Joe has 7 posts (that I saw) including the mother of all round-ups.

To be fair, things have changed in the blogosphere. I listed Andrew Sullivan as a righty blogger before, but I don’t know he qualifies for that label toady. I didn’t have a “gay marriage blog” category so I dumped him. The lefty blogs (and readers) have cemented around a few big names in these last few months while there are a ton of new righty blogs. Many of the new “righty” blogs had few posts on the topic.

Still I have to wonder… We are continually told how much more liberals care about their fellow man than conservatives, yet 60,000 people are presumed dead and many of the liberals hardly mention it…

The numbers don’t seem to tell the same story.

Is it supposed to be satire?
The Comedy Stylings Of Yahoo! News


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