Good Obit – Bad Obit

Pity The New York Times can’t take a page from the BBC in remembering one of the NFL’s all time greats – Reggie White. They insist on bringing up not once, but twice, controversial remarks White made in 1998 in a speech – remarks that likely derailed a broadcasting career.

What’s remarkable is that the Times mischaracterizes the controversy:

An ordained minister and a pastor of a church in Knoxville, Tenn., during his playing days, White was known for working with inner-city young people. But he also became a figure of controversy for derogatory remarks concerning homosexuality in a speech to the Wisconsin Legislature in 1998.


White created a stir in March 1998 with a speech to the Wisconsin State Assembly. In it, he referred to homosexuality as “one of the biggest sins in the Bible” and used ethnic stereotypes for blacks and whites.White’s comments to the Wisconsin legislature in 1988 were more controversial for their offensive racial stereotyping than the fact that he declared homosexuality a sin. Even after the speech White continued generate controversy with comments on the Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder episode, where he defended Snyder’s “big black slaves were used for breeding” argument.

Does the Times political bias pervade the sports section as well, or did they just miss the whole episode the first time around?

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