Finally, some automotive "bling" I like

I’ve always had a bit of contempt for people who “pimp” their cars. (As well as for those who use the word “pimp” in anything but a derogatory manner, but that’s a topic for another time.) I’ve mocked the big spoilers, the ground effects, the stupid paint tricks, the tires barely an inch thick, the lowering to within an inch of the ground (especially around here in Cow Hampshire, home of roughly 30% of the world’s supply of potholes, frost heaves and speed bumps), tinted windows, and so on. My car is completely unadorned, generic, and completely unworthy of attention — and I like it that way. I’ve had too many cars vandalized in the past to want to stick out in anyone’s memory.

That being said, the other day I saw a set of rims on an SUV that impressed the hell out of me. It’s rather hard to put into words, but I’ll try.

The rims were apparently in two parts. The outer part of the rim and a second, larger set of spokes were not attached solidly to the actual “working” part of the rim, and were apparently on ball bearings. That meant that they turned independently of the wheel. I was sitting next to it at a red light, and I looked over and saw they were slowly rotating, as if the vehicle were moving. They kept that speed as the light turned green, proving a great distraction as I watched the SUV speed up without the wheels seeming to change speed at all.

That’s the kind of “ornamentation” on a vehicle I can respect — it’s basically a rolling optical illusion. I would almost consider getting them for my car. That was one driver who put the full meaning of the word “trick” into tricking out his Explorer.


Update: OK, OK, I see I have yet again proven how terminally uncool I am. They’ve been around long enough to become a cliche’, and I hadn’t noticed them. I still like them, though, for the optical-illusion aspect. I don’t think I’ll get some myself, though. Their appeal is in watching them, and if they’re on MY car, how the hell can I properly enjoy them? I can’t see them from the drivers’ seat…

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