Rumsfeld Slip Fuels Conspiracy Mills

The conspiracy nuts are already ga-ga over this…

WorldNetDaily – During his surprise Christmas Eve trip to Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld referred to the flight being shot down – long a suspicion because of the danger the flight posed to Washington landmarks and population centers.

Was it a slip of the tongue? Was it an error? Or was it the truth, finally being dropped on the public more than three years after the tragedy of the terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000?Those who would cite this as proof of some gigantic cover-up are missing the point. Rumsfeld misspoke, and most likely the misspeak represents the situation the SecDef wishes had happened. If one of the 4 hijacked flights of 9/11 had actually been shot down don’t you think that the Bush administration would have been able to raise a tiny victory flag over the fate of that last flight?

Wouldn’t we all have felt better in the days after 9/11 knowing that a hijacked plane headed for a spectacular crash could be intercepted and downed even though it was not really planned for? Of course that didn’t happen. The 9/11 report has cockpit conversations that prove that the hijackers themselves crashed the plane in response to the passenger rebellion.

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