The Real Winners In Washington?

In Washington state it’s most likely to be the lawyers…

From The Seattle Times:

After losing the first two counts in Washington’s closest-ever race for governor, it appears Democrat Christine Gregoire has pulled even with – or possibly overtaken – Republican Dino Rossi, with tomorrow the final day of a contentious statewide manual recount.

King County, the last to complete the recount, is not expected to release new vote totals until tomorrow afternoon. But state Democratic Party Chairman Paul Berendt said last night the party’s calculations indicate that, with virtually all of the votes tallied, Gregoire is ahead by eight votes.

“Based on the data we’ve received, we’re confident she’s taken the lead,” Berendt said.

Republicans said they were still crunching King County’s figures and weren’t sure who was ahead. But they confirmed the margin is likely fewer than a dozen votes.This one is a prize fight, and it looks like they’re still in the middle rounds. With a margin of victory you can count on two hands neither side is likely to toss in the towel tomorrow…

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