The 10 Spot – Errata Edition

Ten things stories float around cyberspace this morning…

  1. French teenagers mug Santa Claus.

  • Remember Raphie’s mom in A Christmas Story? Remember what she said about the Red Rider BB Gun? She was right.

  • Christmas shopping made easy.

  • What did they expect would happen? Girl wearing confederate flag prom dress is denied entrance to prom.

  • What did they expect would happen (redux)? A blogger testing the limits of 2nd amendment protections in Washington state is surprised when cops don’t feel like playing his game and arrest him. [More]

  • The $10 million dollar arson spree at a new housing development in Maryland may have been gang related, a hate crime, or revenge – authorities aren’t certain yet. They are fairly certain that the criminals are not exactly MENSA material, which their web site proves as well.

  • BitTorrent file-sharing sites are under attack by the MPAA, and the MPAA is winning.

  • The Associated Press no longer wishes to be associated with college football’s Bowl Championship Series.

  • Beer is good food.

  • Even if she is pregnant, some find Britney hot, others may not.Feel free to join in with semi-related items (which in this case is pretty much anything) via Trackback. If your blog software doesn’t provide that capability, you can use the Wizbang Trackback tool.

    Mosul Attack Was a Suicide Bombing
    The Real Winners In Washington?


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