"Screw Them" Again…

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (DailyKos) gained a large measure of unflattering notoriety last spring for his “screw them” comments on the death of U.S. citizens in Fallujah. To my mind the headline at DailyKos on today’s tragedy ranks right up there in callousness as his previous infamous remark. What does Zuniga have to say about the tragic mortar attack in Mosul?

Bush destroys another 22 families.

Much more worthy of you time is Jeremy Redmon’s onsite reporting. Redmon, a reporter for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, was at Forward Operating Base Marez with Richmond-based 276th Engineer Battalion. He witnessed and reported on devistation in the blood-soaked mess hall. It’s raw and full of the emotion.

Update: I meant to mention this OpinionJournal piece about who we’re actually fighting.

Washington must seem like a very strange place from the vantage point of Baghdad. While the world’s so-called power capital debates whether Donald Rumsfeld has been solicitous enough of U.S. Senators, on the front lines of the war on terror three Iraqi election workers are dragged from their car in Baghdad and murdered in front of the world’s cameras.

Do we need any clearer picture of the stakes, and the nature of our enemy, in Iraq than the photo of those assassinations that appeared on yesterday’s front pages? The dead Iraqis were targeted precisely because they are trying to build a new, democratic Iraq. Their killers can’t abide a free election, or a newly legitimate Iraqi government, because they know it will make it less likely that they can ever return to power. The car bombs targeting Shiite Muslims in Karbala and Najaf are sending the same brutal message.

These events ought to put to rest the canard that what we are facing in Iraq is some kind of “nationalist” uprising opposed to U.S. occupation. The genuine Iraqi patriots are those risking their lives to rebuild their country and prepare for elections. They are being threatened, and murdered, by members and allies of the old regime who want to restore Sunni Baathist political domination. Or to put it more bluntly, we haven’t yet defeated Saddam Hussein’s regime.

[More] Though it addressed the cold-blooded assassination of Iraqi election workers over the weekend, their point applies equally to today’s tragedy.

All I can say...
What's Arabic for "Kick Me?"


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