Big Trouble for Microsoft?

Imagine if you can, a $498 laptop computer. It’s not top of the line to be sure but it is what was top of the line just about 2 years ago and it is brand new and comes with a 1 year warrantee.

Now imagine it comes pre-loaded with Office so you can use all your Microsoft Word and Excel files without paying extra for software. Now imagine it comes with almost 2000 other pieces of (virus free) software you can install with no grief.

You can’t map the human genome with this laptop, but for surfing, sending mail, typing reports and keeping spreadsheets, it is just fine. Now imagine it was sold thru one of the world’s biggest and most trusted businesses and came with 3 months free tech support.

Think it might be a big seller in the budget conscious/ student/ second computer [mobile blogger] marketplace??

Finally, imagine such a product without a single Microsoft product (or accompanying security holes) on the whole computer.

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That’s what Walmart just introduced.

A $498 laptop that comes with Linux pre-installed and that version of “Office” I mentioned above is from It also comes pre-installed and “oh by the way” its free.

This could spell trouble for Microsoft. If these are decent products, Wal-Mart call sell millions of them every month. — Making those millions users wonder why they still run Windows on their desktops.

Consider you can get a whole laptop with an Office clone for about the same price as Microsoft Office by itself and considerably cheaper than Windows XP and Office combined.

This should wake a few people up in Redmond.

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