The Sullivan Challenge

Andrew Sullivan in Time Magazine declares 2004 The Year of the Insurgents. Of the eight paragraphs he manages to spend a meager two paragraphs discussing gay marriage.

As one of Sullivan’s shticks is to do running awards named after columnists/journalists (the current being Michelle Malkin) it seems particularly fair that I issue The Sullivan Challenge:

There’s only 6 paragraphs in the article that don’t have a reference to gay marriage, so your challenge it to pick any one of those six paragraphs and rewrite it to add a reference to gay marriage. It’s highly likely that you’ll have to do some serious metaphor or logic stretching, but that’s why it’s a challenge – if it was easy anyone could do it. The only rule is that you must address the subject matter of the original paragraph in your rewrite.

I’ll gather up the best paragraphs and see if we can get a gay marriage-iery version of the Time piece..

The Death of Reason
U.S. Cellular Update


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