The law of unintended consequences

Every now and then, when I find myself stuck for a posting, I wonder why the hell I do this. Other times, I wonder who would be the least bit interested in what I’m saying.

And every now and then, I get a reminder. This weekend, it happened twice.

The first was when, for some insane reason, I thought it might be funny to write about my… er… gastric distress in a very oblique fashion. I expected a bit of sympathy and even more teasing. I was astonished when “notthisgirl” gave me huge thanks and told of her ailing, diabetic 83-year-old grandmother who had had similar problems after quitting smoking and trying to compensate with sugar-free candy. “Not,” if my embarassing myself ended up (if you’ll pardon the expression) helping your grandmother, it was more than worthwhile. In fact, if you think it’ll do Granny any good, I’ll be glad to go out and moon a nun.

The second example was even more surprising. I tossed off a piece where I raked my best friend’s ex over the coals (although, in the spirit of full disclosure, the two main points were the “Bearer Of Bitterness” concept and the Almond Joy/Mounds bit; the rest was just padding and context). I didn’t expect the in-depth examination of the ethics of the situation, the psychological examination of both her and me, and the accusations of drunkenness.

(Humorous note: Friend’s current wife has a sister named “Donna.” So when a commenter named Donna said “If this marriage doesn’t work out, I know the perfect guy for her – my sister’ ex,” I nearly wet myself at the thought of friend’s ex and friend’s wife’s ex connecting. Turns out to have been different Donnas.)

But I certainly didn’t expect two women who are regulars around here (and I consider online friends) to start comparing horror stories and even bonding a little, maybe even easing their own pains in the process.

There’s an old cliche’ that “laughter is the best medicine.” I certainly didn’t intend to promote any healing or affect any changes for the better in anyone’s lives, but I’m damned glad I might have. It makes it all worthwhile. So thank you, “notthisgirl,” “firstbrokenangel,” and “-S-.” It’s responses like yours that keep me coming back.


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