The Latest On Rathergate

There are still plenty of bloggers tracking the Rathergate story. LaShawn Barber has a column at National Review Online about the work of some of the “smaller” blogs that advanced the initial story.

Scylla & Charybdis thinks that the Thornburgh report will not be made public to prevent criminal prosecution of CBS executives. Thornburgh’s firm’s web site insinuates that is the standard operating procedure.

You had to really dig around the bowels of Wizbang, but here’s a recap of new information provided by Dr. David Hailey*** in regards to the defense of Rather and CBS.

…I am talking to CBS and Rather’s lawyer and any committees about the memos.

One could only hope that the Thornburgh commission will read the Wizbang, and Newcomer critiques of the Hailey report.

It’s possible that the Hailey report was worded the way it was in an attempt to get CBS off the hook vis-a-vis the Texas forgery laws.

*** The comment has been verified to be from Hailey (he later apologized) and he was admittedly under the influence.

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