The Death of Reason

Of all the criticisms of Sec Rumsfeld, the whole autopen thing -like the people pushing it- is completely stupid.

Many bloggers -the ones who failed reading comprehension- cite this interview with former Sec Cohen as proof he personally signed his condolence letters.

BLITZER: When you were defense secretary, were there American military personnel killed in combat?

COHEN: Well, there were.

We lost some military personnel in the bombings of the embassies in East Africa. We also lost sailors during the bombing of the USS Cole.

BLITZER: Did you send condolence letters to their relatives, to their family members?

COHEN: Actually, I and my wife, we met with the individual family members to express our deep condolences and gratitude for the sacrifice of the people who were lost. It’s one of the most moving experiences one can have.

And that’s go and look into the eyes of the family and saying, we’re sorry you lost your son or daughter. And all we can tell you is, we’re grateful for the sacrifice that they’ve made and you’ve made on behalf of our country. But it was a very personal thing to do.


BLITZER: The question, I guess, because it’s come up, did you have a machine, as many members of Congress have a handwriting machine, because they send out thousands of letters, send condolence letters to the families?

COHEN: Well, I’m sure that there was machine available.

But, in my particular case, again, I had the opportunity to meet with the families directly, or to call them. On a couple of occasions, I had to call the parents of the — who had lost their son or daughter in the military in battle or in a major exercise. And so it’s something that’s important. And I’m sure Secretary Rumsfeld understands that he needs to connect in a way that perhaps he hasn’t in the past, but it’s a tough issue for any secretary to deal with.

For my liberal readers, who might not be smart enough to figure it out– HE NEVER ANSWERED THE QUESTION. He changed the topic to meeting with families.

If these idiots could use google and typed in rumsfeld met family killed iraq they would see the third hit had this from Sec Rumsfeld:

…Over the past years, my wife, Joyce, and I have met with several hundred wounded troops and their families during visits to intensive care units, therapy facilities, and their rooms in military hospitals in the United States and abroad.

During visits to military installations, I have met with still others during their visits to the Pentagon.

Joyce and I also have met together and individually with spouses and children of those killed in action.

At the earliest moment in the global war on terror, I determined that it is important that military families who have lost loved ones in hostile actions receive a letter from me directly.

I wrote and approved the now more than 1000 letters sent to family members and next of kin of each of the servicemen and women killed in military action.

The real reason these idiots annoy me so is that they never learned the lesson of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

We use it as a metaphor to refer to someone sounding an alarm needlessly but remember how the story ends… When REAL TROUBLE comes up the people ignore them and THE DAMN SHEEP GET EATEN!

These jackasses are so busy trying to make stupid political points when there are none to be made that when and if this nation has real problems (like a freaking war on terror) they will be ignored..

Don’t believe me? Tell about how John Kerry won.

The “Bush is the Devil” people are relegating themselves into political oblivion by crying wolf…

Which is fine with me by and large… but they are wasting people’s time along the route…. For you Jackasses pushing this… Would you rather the Sec of Defense spend his time signing these letters or protecting this country from terrorist?

Your answer will define just how big a jackass you truly are.

(Next time I’ll try to not be so reserved in my comments.)

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