First snow causes severe brain freeze

Today we had our first real snowfall in Cow Hampshire, and that meant the return of the annual tradition of “learning how to drive in snow.”

It never fails. Every single year, there are scads of accidents, incidents, and other acts of sheer dumbassery in the first significant snowstorm of the season. It doesn’t even have to be much — I think we barely got an inch or so — but if it sticks on the ground, it causes hell. I saw three cars off the road, and an SUV that went off the highway and rolled over at least once.

Even getting one’s car ready for going out in the snow is a challenge to some idiots. I saw numerous cars with snow still piled on their roofs, only the windows cleared. I learned that lesson the hard way when I had to step on the brakes quickly, then had to climb out in the middle of the street in traffic to shovel off my windshield after it all slid forward and completely blocked my view.

But the dumbest people have to be the five drivers I saw who were zipping along with their headlights on. They hadn’t bothered to clean the snow off those lights, so there were just these glowing spots on the fronts of their cars. I’m sure there had to be some kind of point to it, but it escapes me…


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