Why you shouldn't do Business with U.S. Cellular

Spoons is being screwed by U.S. Cellular. Call it a U.S. Cellular horror story. If you want a review of U.S. Cellular see Spoons.

I’m baiting google in case you wondered.

I’ve had a cell phone since the days when they had to be carried in a suitcase. I’ve never been jerked around like he was by U.S. Cellular.

I think every contract I’ve ever has said you had to pay out the contract OR pay the termination fee. They should charge him no more than whatever his 1 month obligation is. (You have to read it)

Personally Spoons, I’d get a monkey over there that can read… Admittedly that sounds hard. Then I’d point him to your sitemeter. Then I’d point him to Glenn’s site meter. (Then to ours et al) On a typical weekday, about 10,000 people will see this rant on this site alone.

The dipwad you spoke to asked “so what’s my motivation to ignore the contract?”

There is a statistic often quoted in the restaurant business… If a customer has a good experience at your restaurant he will tell 2 other people. If he has a bad experience, he will tell 8. I think the bully pulpit of the blogosphere could give him a few hundred thousand reasons to reconsider.

I was recently a similar situation. I ordered a pair of computer speakers for a customer. They came to me WITHOUT a proprietary power supply. When I called, they told me that the power supply was not in the picture, so I did not get it. Further, they did not even sell it.

After an hour of arguing with the guy I told him, “OK Fine, you’ve won… But you know what I’m going to do next? I’m going to go to resellerratings.com and every other business review site I could think of and post this story on line.” Suddenly he had a change of heart. He mailed me a bigger set of speakers free of charge.

If you are having trouble with U.S. Cellular service, then other potential customers should be forewarned.

BTW- I’ll be updating this post and/or making a new one with the behavior of U.S. Cellular.

UPDATE: Spoons, since nobody has pointed out the obvious, allow me. I’ve never seen anywhere where you said you tried to cancel the contract. If fact, you have offered to abide by it.

I have not seen your contract but I’m sure you are obligated to pay for the service… I’d very must doubt you are under contractual obligation to use it. IF you want to pay for a month you do not use, they can hardly charge you $150 more for not using it!

AND EVEN IF they want to make the argument that porting the number was a cancellation of the contract, they are still out of luck. If U.S. Cellular. did not allow the number to port, then (by definition) you have not cancelled the contract. DUH! If they disallowed you from changing carriers, they can’t charge you $150 bucks for wanting to change carriers.

All jokes aside, gimme the info and 30 minutes on the phone and I’ll wrap the whole thing up for you. (No joke, I’m so good at things like this my wife has often said I should open a business where I take on big companies for a percentage of the money at stake. I’d probably be rich. Just gimme the info and I’ll be happy to cut thru the red tape.)

Update 2: Well, 11 minutes and 23 seconds on the phone and it was resolved.

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