This is your brain. This is your brain on AOL. Any questions?

The other day I received yet another AOL disk in the mail. They’re now up to offering “1099 FREE HOURS!” in big print. As usual, I tossed the disk and kept the case for my own use. But for once I read the terms spelled out on the back.

The 1099 free hours must be used within 50 days.

Now, let’s do some math:

50 days X 24 hours each = 1200 hours.
1099 hours / 50 days = 22 hours/day.
1099 hours total / 24 hours in a day = 45.8 days.

That’s right. The only possible way you can use all your “free” hours is if you a) spend all but 2 hours a day online, or b) spend over 6.5 weeks doing nothing but using AOL.

A few years ago I heard lotteries as “taxes on people who can’t do math.” Now it appears they have their own online service, too.


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