Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

When I was in my young and foolish college days, I once attended a recruiting meeting for the ACLU. The speaker was Claire Ebel, long-time Executive Director of the New Hampshire chapter. One of her points was that the ACLU is hardly this big, monolithic body; that there was room for all varieties of political opinions and beliefs, as long as we all shared a common belief in the basic civil rights of all citizens as spelled out in the Constitution.

She even joked that “I keep expecting the ACLU to one day end up suing itself.”

Ms. Ebel, I think that time has come.


Updates for Henry and those who agree with him:
1) Use BugMeNot for sites such as NYT, as I do.
2) Here are the first two paragraphs:

The American Civil Liberties Union is using sophisticated technology to collect a wide variety of information about its members and donors in a fund-raising effort that has ignited a bitter debate over its leaders’ commitment to privacy rights.

Some board members say the extensive data collection makes a mockery of the organization’s frequent criticism of banks, corporations and government agencies for their practice of accumulating data on people for marketing and other purposes.

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“Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?” is Latin for “who guards the guards” or “who watches the watchmen,” and is from the Roman author Juvenal’s “Satires.”

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