Rusty Shackleford is an evil, evil man

The following is a public service announcement: Rusty Shackleford, of The Jawa Report, is an evil, evil man.

Recently, in a shameless attempt to draw more attention to his blog, Rusty picked a fight with the three of us here at Wizbang. I’m not going to go into the validity of his cause, but I will say that the grounds of his complaint (the whole “Professor Phony” mess) involved Kevin and Paul exclusively — I’ve been as much a fascinated watcher from the sidelines as anyone else. I stormed off to Rusty’s page, full of outrage and righteous indignation.

He left me humiliated and begging for free porn.

Again, be wary of this evil, evil man.


(/Firewalled against everyone but Rusty: OK, here’s some more gratuitous linkage. Where are those nekkid pictures? /End firewall)

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