Jungle Gym

I just got back from the gym, and it was… entertaining, to say the least.

First, I’ve noticed that Gold’s Gym doesn’t believe in “OUT OF SERVICE” signs. Instead, they put up notices announcing “IMPROVEMENTS UNDERWAY.” This gets especially amusing when a paper-towel dispenser comes off the wall, and the paint-damaged section is covered by one of these signs.

(The funniest such sign I ever saw was at a public library, where a photocopier was tagged as “OUT OF SORTS.’ But that’s another story…)

After my workout, I hit the pool for a bit (not really exercise, more play, but nonetheless…) and then headed for the jacuzzi. That’s when I noticed that it was filled with big, foamy bubbles. I notified the attendant, but was told they were out of “de-foaming agent.”

I went in anyway — I got a couple sore muscles I needed to soak anyway. The bubbles were actually kind of cool — it was like they had moved the campfire/bean-eating scene from “Blazing Saddles” into a giant bubble bath.

OK, I think I need some food… I’m babbling way too much.


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