It's Not About US

In response to the outcry over Juan Cole’s attacks on the brothers who run Iraq The Model, Ali closes his response with this:

The thing that upset me the most is that if there are some powers that are trying to use us and our writings as propaganda tool, you and other bloggers as well as some of the media outlets are doing the same with anti-American Iraqi bloggers yet still have the nerve not only to criticize all those who support us (who are not exclusively conservatives) but also insult us and apply the worst description to our efforts and hopes in building our country, many times going as far as disfiguring facts and using stupid conspiracy theories.

When are both sides going to realize that it’s not only about them! That there are millions of Iraqis, Afghanis, Iranians..Etc who are suffering daily and who are trying to find a solution and a way to achieve their dreams (with the help they are getting from America) and who do not have the slightest interest in supporting any party in America. The world is bigger than you and your partisan conflicts and frankly I’m getting sick of it. Take this crap somewhere else and leave us alone! We have enough problems to deal with and we are not interested in supporting any party anwhere, as simply we cannot afford the time or the effort.Well said.

There’s now plenty of diversity in the fledgling Iraqi blogosphere. Those on either side of the American political divide who feel the need to force Iraqi bloggers to conform to the constructs of our political dialouge miss the larger point – they’ll create their own. Regardless of what they create I’ll take my news of the progress toward (or away) freedom and democracy in Iraq from Iraqi’s themselves rather than Americans.

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