Hailey Apologizes

Last night I received an e-mail message from Dr. David Hailey. Before you read it I want to clarify a few things.

  1. Neither I (nor Paul) “hate” Dr. Hailey, nor have we encouraged readers to contact Dr. Hailey or the Utah State University.

  • Neither I (nor Paul) have asked for Dr. Hailey to be fired. We addressed concerns with his work both publicly and privately to USU. We expected that the University would investigate our charges and take whatever course of action they deemed appropriate. We have no vested interest in seeing Dr. Hailey punished.

  • My hope is that Dr. Hailey will get the help he needs over the winter break.

  • This has been a learning experience for everyone involved. The lessons learned are not all positive, but those too have value, in so much as they may prevent future problems in similar situations.

  • We can agree to disagree on Hailey’s conclusions, but anyone who has suggested that I (or this site) wanted to limit his freedom to pursue his research is just plain wrong.

    Now to Dr. Hailey’s letter (which have been verified to be from his USU computer)…

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    [Note: I take no great pleasure in posting this, but it seemed like a fitting way to end the discussion. Comments will be monitored closely.]

    Dear Mr. Aylward,

    This is meant to serve as an apology. Yesterday, December 15th, after discussing your accusations with administrators at USU, I went home and had a complete breakdown. The house was dark, I couldn’t stand the thought of food, but I had a bottle of scotch, so I drank instead.

    At some point, I felt the need to try to explain to your community what I think I am doing and what I think is wrong with our communication. Instead, I produced an incoherent diatribe. I apologize to you and your community for defacing your site with my postings.

    Worse, I woke still drunk and wrote you a letter hoping to deceive you. Actually, at that point I should have simply apologized. And so now I apologize to you for attempting to deceive you.

    My behavior was inexcusable. My only excuse is I had (am still having) a complete emotional breakdown. I am still not in control of my emotions. I will go to counseling for that and will no longer trouble you with my attacks on your site. I simply do not have the stomach for infighting.

    I still stand by my report, however, and my approach to writing it. I still believe the memos were produced in “Typewriter.” And I stand by my belief that our problem began with your misunderstanding what I was doing. But this apology is being made public to you in this forum and will be repeated at the end of my paper.

    Sincerely yours,

    And I hope you all have a merry Christmas.


    This is a public apology and you have my permission to post it. I am sending it from my office computer so you will be able to verify the IP address.

    Apology accepted.

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