On The Ninth Day Of Christmas

If you bought your true love one of these, there could be a Tara Reid incident in your future. From London’s Evening Standard:

A new bra designed to uplift women’s cleavage has been withdrawn from sale after repeatedly bursting open.

Customers have found themselves humiliated when the clasp at the front which pulls the two cups together suddenly gives way.

It is especially cruel as the bra is designed to fit inside low-cut dresses which allow wearers little room for mistake.

The manufacturer has now recalled the Clearly Daring range only one month after it went on sale.

Playtex, which makes the Wonderbra, admits the design of the item is faulty.Update: The full name of the bra is the Wonderbra Deep Plunge Clearly Daring Bra. For those of you who wanted visual proof it’s below the break…

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The clear strap is the culprit. The picture is linked to a store in England that sells the bra online, in case you’re still shopping…

Update 2: Was Penelope Cruz wearing one of the defective Clearly Daring bras in this picture?

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