The Hailey Complex

The following is a letter I sent to three officials at Utah State University yesterday. Read Paul’s post below for background on the backstory.

President Hall:

I’m writing to inform you that Dr. Hailey has been caught red-handed misappropriating and misidentifying exhibits, again. The difference is that this time it is in the self-described “final” version of his report.

One of Dr. Hailey’s main type samples was found to have been taken directly from and presented as his own without attribution; giving the impression that they were actual typefaces of the 1970’s era.

The details are available in a story called, Myfonts Are Better Than Your Fonts.

I’m not sure if the graphical equivalent of plagiarism in a “final” work of a university lab will raise any alarms at USU, based on our first experience with USU, but thought it was worth reporting. The only reason that this was again newsworthy was that CBS producer Mary Mapes supposedly has a 60 page defense document in front of the two investigating team lead by Dick Thornburg looking into the CBS Memo fiasco. Their report was expected last week. There is also lingering suspicion in some quarters as to whether Hailey’s report would be cited by the Thornburg investigation. That’s why the Myfonts story ran.

This latest discovery seems to have triggered yet another strange response by Dr. Hailey. Where the Bush Memo study used to be is now a 13 page rambling diatribe, wherein I am the architect of all evil perpetrated upon him…

The file name is the same – Bush_Memos.pdf , but the content is now different. Like all Hailey work this appears to be an ever changing document (perhaps he should just start a blog) a cached version is available here.

The reason I’m writing is that since the IMRL web site is hosted on the USU.EDU domain you are ultimately responsible for the content. I’m sure you’re all having a good laugh at the Dr. Hailey diatribes, but sadly he is a delusional man if he thinks I have the time or interest in orchestrating or coordinated attack against him.

“The attacks appear to have been orchestrated by a fellow named Kevin Alward at a blog site called”

My contact with the university has all occurred through *name removed*. The author of the first story, Paul, contacted *name removed*. Later I was in contact with the head of the University’s public relations department. I didn’t “orchestrate” anything. We stand by our work with regards to reporting on Hailey’s research.

Assuming his current work remains I will assume that USU officially supports the outright lies and shoddy research in Dr. Hailey’s new work. Stamping the word “draft” on something does not protect libelous content. We haven’t removed anything (unlike the Professor) and have apologized for one factual error in a later post and exactly three words of the original post here. The fact that Professor Hailey can’t find the material that references him on our site doesn’t mean it’s not there. I suggest he use our search box and type in Hailey.

I’d like to know two things:

1) Are you going to look into the graphical plagiarism charge?

2) Will Dr. Hailey be making a public apology for his baseless attacks against me?

Since the final version of the Bush Memos report has been pulled I am requesting an electronic copy of said report (don’t worry I’ve already got it) and the right to make it available online (unless it is restored to availability at IMRL).This is the e-mail I sent to USU yesterday, which Hailey now characterizes as a “demand to fire him.”

The university has yet to respond.

Update: Kermit Hall & Co. appear to be following the standard academic procedure when plagiarism is alleged – they’re burying their head in the sand. More on academia’s reluctance to address plagiarism within their ranks in the current issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Update 2: That really is Hailey in the comment section. He’s apologized for him ramblings here.

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