Columbine Student Killed In Iraq

Lance Cpl. Greg Rund survived the shootings at Columbine and a tour of duty in Iraq. On his second tour of duty fate caught up with him. From The Denver Post:

As a freshman, he survived the shooting at his school that left 12 of his fellow students and a teacher dead. Then, he made it through his first tour in Iraq. Always, his humor never left him.

“It seems so unfortunate that you get through some things, but it catches up with you,” Holden said.

Rund had talked of joining the Marines since his early days at Columbine, when school seemed as endless as the jokes that so often spilled from his mouth.

After graduation, Rund was more serious, fulfilling his dream of serving in the Marines – a duty he never boasted about.

“Greg made us so proud, but he never wanted to be recognized for his actions,” Rund’s family said in a written statement. “Neither Columbine nor Iraq was to define him.”He was, according to another article in the Rocky Mountain News, the ultimate team member – blessed with more heart and stamina than skill at football – remembered for giving 110% everyday.

Semper Fi, Lance Cpl. Rund.

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