No Golden Globe For Gibson Or Moore

Notably absent from the list of nominees for the Golden Globes are The Passion Of The Christ and Fahrenheit 9/11 and their respective directors. Nicole Kidman’s bath scene with a ten year-old boy in the movie Birth (for which she received a Best Actress nomination) is sure to raise eyebrows though.

It looks like Moore is up for of all things a People’s Choice Award.

Given that a string such as the following could be use to force a vote for The Incredibles:

You can only imagine how many much fraud was perpetrated on that poll for choice #2. I’d bet big money that the site was and is vulnerable to scripting attacks like the one run against the Weblog Awards this year as well. I only mentioned this because a) It looks like they’re shutting down voting for everything including the film categories , b) The 2004 Weblog Awards were more secure that the Peoples Choice awards – by a long shot. We addressed this type of GET attack in the first day’s of the polling last year with a simple fix.

Note to CBS: The Weblog Awards team is available for consulting…

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