Defining Political Bloggers

There is a debate going on at MyDD about the treatment Jerome Armstrong and Matt Stoller received at from the DNC at the Association of State Democratic Chairs candidates forum. It gets a bit warped right off in the comment section as contact information for one of the “mean” state chairs is given, and readers are encouraged to contact him. Fortunately that side topic is shouted down by most commenters.

About the meetings, Jerome notes:

There’s praise for the internet here, rejoicing over the small donor, and they’re using new-fangled words like netroots and blogosphere, but dem’ bloggers that drive the leading edge of the battle, that raised millions for candidates and the DNC? Don’t come, you’re not really welcome.

And it’s not just in DC, as most of these ED’s, VC’s and Chairs from the states seem to think. Nevermind the bizarre disconjunct of their kicking us out while they eye the DNC coffers from the internet’s small donor with greed. Put aside their praise for Terry McAuliffe having figured out how to hook up 2 million new activist small donors, while they kick out the activists that help make it happen. We want to hear what they are going to do to reform the DNC inside the states, because it’s inside the states, not just in DC, that this reform needs to happen.How parties define bloggers, or how bloggers define themselves in relation to parties is at issue. Are they unpaid (or in the case of some liberal bloggers this year – paid) campaign help, or are they media?

The problem, especially on the left, is that the big liberal blogs have become and will probably continue to be mini-fiefdoms where fortunes are made and broken. Smart candidates already vie for the attention of the the top liberal blogs. When a candidate is “adopted” does the blog become an extension of the candidates PR machine? Is objectivity lost? Clearly this is a debate that will fester until the 2006 midterm elections.

My preference is the “media” model, beholden to no campaign. If that means not being invited to insider meetings where no press is allowed, so be it. Most campaigns of the future will have their own blogs, if I want to read campaign press releases I’ll know where to go…

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