Live From Billboard Music Awards

Sorry for the crappy quality – picture phones suck in low light. First and foremost, we’ve had a Paris sighting!


That’s a blurry shot from outside the Trevio nightclub where all the clebs were headed after the show. That’s actually Paris Hilton somewhere in there making her way, ever so slowly, into the club.

I’ve seen more B-list celebrities than I care to remember, but this morning I ran into the “A-list for the day” host of the Billboard Music Awards Ryan Seacrest. He was to what I presume to have been a rehearsal. I can only assume this because his hair was already in “show form.” Brief pleasantries were exchanged, and I asked him if he was looking forward to the show and if there were any surprises in store. He was vague about surprises, leading me to believe their wouldn’t be any (Note: I was not wrong).

I’ve got a load of crappy picture phone shots of giant fake boobs struggling to pop out of slinky tops. Unfortunately most of them are, much like the owners of the boobs, dimly lit.

Here’s proof that the “trashy slut” look never goes out of style. Award groupies outside the entrance to the Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas…


Oh yeah, they actually handed out awards… Don’t worry you didn’t miss anything. Usher won them all, and those he didn’t win Alica Keyes won…

Aylward out.

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