Some truly momentous achievements in dumbassery

I’ve said before that New Hampshire has it’s share of dumbasses, but we’re pikers compared to our neighbors in Massachusetts. However, apparently a few of my fellow Cow Hampshirites took that as a challenge.

First, we have Steven Coleman, who decided to get back at his ex-girlfriend by burning down her house. He drove over to her house on a riding lawn mower, tossed a couple of Molotov cocktails made from empty Budweiser bottles, then attempted to flee the scene. He was caught by the police after a low-speed chase.

Next up, we have John Hardwick. 12 years ago, while hunting, he shot and killed a fellow hunter. Now he’s upset that the State Fish and Game Commission won’t issue him a new hunting license. They’re willing to issue him one valid for bow-hunting, but he doesn’t see why he shouldn’t be allowed to hunt with a gun again.

Finally, we have Lawence Trant, who apparently has a thing about child molesters. I mean, we all loathe them, but he takes it to a new level. In March of 2003, he tracked down seven convicted sexual offenders. He stabbed one of them and set fire to two houses. He’s currently serving 10-to-30 for two counts of attempted murder.

I swear, sometimes I think we’re called “The Granite State” in honor of the rocks some of us have in our heads…


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