The wheels on the bus go… well, nowhere

A little while ago in Boston, there was a notion of putting GPS locators on school buses. The idea was to make sure buses are where they’re supposed to be, and also give parents the reassurance that the city knew where their children were at all times.

Naturally, the bus drivers’ union objected. They said it was an unreasonable level of supervision, that it was overly intrusive, that it was intolerable. And since a majority of the bus drivers are black, it was racist to boot.

Well, the Boston Herald (Beantown’s scrappy tabloid that’s the alternative to the New York Times-owned Boston Globe) figured they’d do a little old fashioned gumshoeing. They followed around several buses over several days, and documented the results in pictures. They found buses parked for hours on end, drivers chatting in parking lots, drivers shopping, drivers driving around aimlessly, and in two memorable cases, sleeping on the bus.

That’s your tax dollars at work, folks…


UPDATE: Charlie on the Pennysyvania Turnpike has been following this story both longer and better than I have. Go see him for the full poop on this one.

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