Right on Schedule

Sometimes I have to laugh…

In the post below about the crackdown in Fallujah I said:

“I’m sure a bunch of whiny liberals will go apoplectic that we are building a police state– blind to the fact that this is a temporary measure.”

Then, right on schedule comes, said whiney liberal, blind to exactly what I said he would be blind to. For some odd reason, despite my prediction, he was the first to trackback.

Liberals’ ineptitude would be more humorous if not so patently predictable.

UPDATE: Let me say about about the “whiney liberal” in question. Bill is OK. (2 Updates below the fold)

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Most liberals refuse to accept reality if you write it on a 2 x 4 and hit them on the head with it. Bill always starts an argument that way but sooner or later he comes around and admits when someone has a point. If I come across as harsh, well, I guess that is my way. The liberals with brains (a rarity I admit) can hold their own and defend themselves –or more accurately– their position. Those that don’t have brains really deserve the rhetorical pummeling anyway. I tire of being reasonable with the irrational.

Bill actually reminds me of a “liberal” friend of mine. And I put quotes around that because my friend is as conservative as I am, he just hates to admit it. He is a child of the 60’s and thinks the word liberals is something to be proud of. Anyway, we argue a point and he starts off on the left of Hillary Clinton, spewing all the lefty talking points. By the time the conversation is over, he agrees with every word I say… but never admits I was right. The next day and the next topic the cycle repeats. He’s really a conservative guy when he thinks things thru. Bill is not unlike that.

Bill will be conservative in 20 years. He has a brain.

Update 2
Well, BillK found someone to agree with him in his comments section.

And she pays me a great compliment…

Wizbang is the most fascist site on the web, really scary neo-nazi stuff. Look at this way, perhaps for the first time since the late 1940s, the deal between the Department of Defense and Halliburton unit Kellogg, Brown & Root leads our attention to a McCarthyism which threatens everything we hold dear. It is quite remarkable that the appropriation of Arab resources brings forth the slaughter of thousands of children by Air Force cluster bombs. So far, Bush’s argument for war belies justifications given by the world’s leading apologists for this calamity brought to us by a horrific onslaught, known as Shock and Awe. It is not heartening that the pro-Sharon neoconservative cabal brings about the theocrat Ashcroft’s suspension of our civil rights.

I’ve arrived.

A moonbat has labeled me a Neo-Nazi Fascist!

Mom will be so proud.

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