My Other Car Is A Hummer

Colorado Rockies pitcher Denny Neagle stands to loose $19 million dollars he is due in 2005 after the team moved to terminate his contract days after he was charged with soliciting a prostitute.

According to the Denver Post the Rockies released Neagle today.

The club will attempt to void Neagle’s contract, claiming he violated the agreement because of two incidents in the past 14 months, a DUI and a citation last week for soliciting a prostitute. The specter of a protracted legal battle has prompted discussions of a settlement, though the Rockies insist that money was not a motivating factor in their decision.

The solicitation charge came after he was pulled over for speeding. When the officer asked why his seat belt was unfastened the female passenger explained that it was off because he paid her $40 for oral sex. He should have paid a little extra for professional discretion. It could go down as the most expensive hummer in history.

Ironically his other car really is a Hummer. He got his DUI in that one last year…

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