More Disappointment

Wampum, the site that runs the Koufax Awards, which honor lefty blogs, was a finalist in the Best Liberal Blog category at the 2004 Weblog Awards, and I linked to their call for donations for the upcoming. Dwight Meridith (formerly of the excellent PLA) is one of the authors there, and given that they are probably not eligible for consideration in the Koufax Awards I though it would be a nice gesture to include them in the finalists list.

My reward?

It appears that one of the Wampum authors provided the psuedo code or logic for the script hacks at Daily Kos and did so publicly and proudly at Wampum. I really don’t know if the script kiddie at Kos ever saw the Wampum post, but it’s just galling that a site that I have gone out of my way to promote both this year and last year would unapologetically participate (however peripherally) in what amount to a denial of service attack on the Weblog Awards site Saturday night.

Remember these are the folks who will be handing out awards for a variety of categories related to the liberal blogs. You would think that as proprietors of an awards program they might be inclined to cut me some slack and not add to my problems. You’d be wrong of course…

What is Wampum’s Mary Beth sorry about?

Note from MB: I asked Eric to take this down when it became obvious that his somewhat tongue-in-cheek analysis was being realized first by the readers of Daily Kos, and then a number of other sites on both the left and right. However, I regret now pulling the piece, as simply showing the recipe doesn’t give people the license to use it. That’s why we have ethics, neh?

For the record, at no time did I see the post “pulled,” but I’ll take her word that it was briefly removed. Regardless all I had hoped to receive was a “sorry,” but alas that proved too tall of an order for Wampum to fulfill. Evidently it’s all my fault because the software and settings I used were vulnerable to the type of attack the Wampum author outlined.

I hope the participants in this year’s Koufax awards are extremely proud of your hosts action yesterday. I’m fairly certain sure last years winner for Best Group Blog (Daily Kos) will be…

Update: To be clear, I’m not upset at Wampum because they’re a liberal blog. I’m upset because, as one of the other sites that do a service to the blog community with their awards, I would have thought that they would have been inclined to not to contribute to the build-up to the publication of vote hacking tools. There’s conservative bloggers who have acted just as shamefully, if not worse.

That a few bloggers from the left and right would encourage their readers to cheat, game the system, and inflict a flood of crap (much like blog comment spam) on another blogger really is really sad.

Update 2: For those of you playing along at home, here’s how many script votes were cast Saturday evening over the course of a few hours:

Talking Points Memo – Total fraudulent votes: 10236
Eschaton – Total fraudulent votes: 9369
Daily Kos – Total fraudulent votes: 15181
LGF – Total fraudulent votes: 4007
Wonkette – Total fraudulent votes: 2235
Bloggermann (Keith Olbermann) – Total fraudulent votes: 9947

All of those votes have been removed from the vote totals.

Hope Springs Eternal
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