Hope Springs Eternal

AP Photo/Denis Poroy

In the online portion of my world it’s been a crappy weekend, but in real life it was a lovely weekend. I got to play with the kids, attend an office holiday party, and today I got to watch my San Diego Chargers win a nail-bitter against the Denver Broncos via DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. Yes I am a long suffering Chargers fan, and watching this team, and reading about their successes is a real pick me up.

That man in the Charger uniform (Jamal Williams) had his season ended two years ago by a cheap shot below the knees (and from behind) by a Denver Bronco offensive lineman. You don’t think he got just a little bit of pleasure introducing Jake Plummer to the soggy turf in San Diego today, do you? Redemption in a sack, but even more so in a victory that gives the Chargers a two game lead over the Bronco’s in the AFC West with four games to play.

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