On The Job

With today’s release of the November jobs figures, the Bush administration has hit the “even jobs” mark for their first term.

Total nonfarm payroll employment (seasonally adjusted) in January 2001 when George Bush took office in Jan 2001 according to the BLS was 132,167 million jobs and today that number stands at 132,075 million jobs, making Bush effectively “even jobs” in his first term, with two months left to go in the term.

In their third debate, John Kerry trotted out this tired charge:

“President Bush is the only US President in 72 years to lose jobs — 1.6 million jobs lost.”

You know what they say; “there’s lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

December’s numbers will make Bush “plus jobs” for his first term – yet another reason that there will be a second term…

[NoteThis idea was shamelessly stolen from Paul]

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That explains why the DNC protesters were so well-behaved...


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